29 October 2010

things bouncing around in my head, and in my pencil-case

I like to keep my things neat: nearly everything in my desk drawers is separated into shallow boxes and then somewhat organised within those boxes.  So, I am posting a third time in an hour because I want the Friday flowers in one box, as it were, and the glasses case in another, and some thoughts here in yet another.

Someone remarked to me that in the blue and silver series 'the letters seem... more elegant and clearly defined than in the others' and wondered whether it was the choice of pen.  The blue and silver series is an example of what I do when I have quite a lot of time: I used a nib pen (though with a cartridge, as constantly dipping into ink tends to multiply smudges) and planned and ruled out the design in pencil before I began.  Everything else posted thus far has been freehand, except for the accidental rough draft when I misspell something and have to start over, and done with felt-tips or ball-points, whose lines are not usually so clearly defined.  When I find time and patience to put a new cartridge in a nib pen, I shall try to write more with it.

I ought, while I am explaining things, to explain my comment that I made the Friday flowers with things that I found in my backpack.  More strictly, I made them with supplies from my pencil-case which (if anyone is interested in such things) contains two mechanical pencils, a red ball-point pen (needed last year for Chinese class and kept this year because I like having it), a strange nib pen that tends to leak all over my fingers, blue and green chisel felt-tip pens, pink and yellow highlighters which I have never used for highlighting, because instead I use a tin of wonderful little book darts (acquire your own here), coloured sticky notes, coloured 3x5 index cards, and my glasses case.  Of course, the glasses case can't be used for calligraphy... or can it?

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