25 December 2011

we wish you a Merry Christmas

Love to M., my recent fiancĂ©.  And to everyone...

07 December 2011

yes, I am still alive

Noticing that my last post was exactly a month ago, I thought that I ought to post again; but finals are coming soon, so I suppose I will not be able to revive my blog much until Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, please share your favourite Christmasy quotations, so I can put them on Christmas cards.

Coming soon(er or later):  More knots!

07 November 2011

Christmas is coming, the goose is...

I don't know what the goose is doing, but I am thinking about Christmas cards, or, to be precise, deluding myself into imagining that I'll actually have time to make said cards (silly goose!).  My idea is this:  I'll let you, dear blog readers, give me quotations, and then when (or if) I have time, I shall make cards with them. So, if you know a lovely Christmasy quotation (scripture counts), please leave it in a comment.  You may leave as many as you like, in any language, but please give the author of each quotation and the work in which it occurs, and a translation for anything besides English, Latin, or Greek.  I'll come up with some sort of prize for my favourite quotations.