29 January 2011

I will lift up my eyes

Two different projects using the entire text of Psalm 121 (KJV/NKJV):  The first is from autumn 2009 and gives the text once each in pencil, ball-point, and fountain pen.  The second is from spring 2010.


Since I am on holiday this week and thus have not brought most of my calligraphy supplies, I shall be posting projects from last year.

I will lift up my eyes
the work of our hands
a stóirín
in everything
rooted & grounded in love

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blue & silver series

25 January 2011


Last week at work, I was hanging posters on the department bulletin boards in the new building, but the old signs were full of tack-holes, so I decided to make new ones.

20 January 2011

contest #1

Leave a comment on this post to enter the contest.

Deadline:  Sunday 23 January 2011, 02.00 UTC  (Sat. 8 p.m. U.S. central)
Prize:  sun/stars/day


...above all shadows rides the Sun / and Stars forever dwell: / I will not say the Day is done, / nor bid the Stars farewell.  (J. R. R. Tolkien.)

19 January 2011

it is well

Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say / ... it is well with my soul.  (Horatio Spafford.)

15 January 2011

early spring cleaning

I re-organised my calligraphy drawer this weekend in what my roommate and I call Calvinist cleaning (because Calvin dumped everything out of Christianity and put back only what he thought belonged, just as I did with this drawer; in contrast to Lutheran cleaning, which consists of taking out what doesn't belong without emptying the drawer first).  I forgot to take 'before' pictures, but the result is below.  The brown cardboard trays are made of identically-sized Amazon boxes with the tops removed; I used the leftover cardboard and some duct tape to add corners to the first tray so that the second wouldn't fall into it.

Layer one: tissue paper and scrap paper (blue file box); scrap cardstock, paper, and stickers (pink file box); boughten stationery, stickers for sealing envelopes, ribbon, ink, and chop (cardboard tray); sharpies and coloured ball-points (grey pencil-case); tape (pink bag); ruler and plain 4x6 envelopes.

Layer two (above the aforenamed items): precut cardstock, scrap cardstock too large for the file box, and new pen sets (cardboard tray); purple calligraphy case.

12 January 2011


I am giving a presentation for my hymnody class on Fortunatus and decided to write my hand-out by hand.  The calligraphy isn't perfect, but neither, I suppose, was every mediaeval manuscript.  (As someone pointed out today, the third note of the second line [cru] should be not C but B.)

The music up close:

The whole hand-out:

09 January 2011


Principium sapientiae timor Domini et scientia sanctorum prudentia.  /  ἀρχὴ σοφίας φόβος κυρίου καὶ βουλή ἁγίων σύνεσις.   ('The fear of the Lord [is] the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the holy [is] understanding.'  Prov. 9.10 Vul./LXX.)

07 January 2011

Christmas pens!

Those who have looked very closely at my Friday flowers from last semester may have noticed that my felt-tips were growing rather dull and scratchy; they are now almost dry and hence useless.  Besides that, of my four best metallics, two ran out of metal and one broke.  However, I had not mentioned this to anyone.

And look at one of my Christmas gifts:  A set of ZIG Calligraphy felt-tips!  2.0 mm on one side, and 5.0 mm on the other, in six beautiful colours.  They write very nicely.  I ended up with an extra black and blue, so I can keep the complete set in my desk and the other two in my pencil case.

Not only that, but a set of metallics, again with two tips (1.0 & 1.2 mm) and in six beautiful colours.

And a set of fifty blank cards in blue, the colour of cardstock I use most (though I had not mentioned that to anyone, either).

All I can say is:  Praise to the Lord, God only wise.

Friday flowers: everlasting love

Jer. 31.3.

06 January 2011

05 January 2011

Hyla brook

We love the things we love for what they are.  (Robert Frost.)