07 January 2011

Christmas pens!

Those who have looked very closely at my Friday flowers from last semester may have noticed that my felt-tips were growing rather dull and scratchy; they are now almost dry and hence useless.  Besides that, of my four best metallics, two ran out of metal and one broke.  However, I had not mentioned this to anyone.

And look at one of my Christmas gifts:  A set of ZIG Calligraphy felt-tips!  2.0 mm on one side, and 5.0 mm on the other, in six beautiful colours.  They write very nicely.  I ended up with an extra black and blue, so I can keep the complete set in my desk and the other two in my pencil case.

Not only that, but a set of metallics, again with two tips (1.0 & 1.2 mm) and in six beautiful colours.

And a set of fifty blank cards in blue, the colour of cardstock I use most (though I had not mentioned that to anyone, either).

All I can say is:  Praise to the Lord, God only wise.


  1. That's so cool that you got that stuff when yu needed it! Who gave it to you? I miss you so much and love you!
    ~ Natalie :D

  2. I think a generous Santa found her this year!


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