20 January 2011

contest #1

Leave a comment on this post to enter the contest.

Deadline:  Sunday 23 January 2011, 02.00 UTC  (Sat. 8 p.m. U.S. central)
Prize:  sun/stars/day


  1. This sounds like fun. A comment, you say? Well, I suppose I will leave one that may, we may only hope, serve perhaps as an inspiration for a future project, should you will it, seeing that the Coptic script is most suited indeed to being written in a fair hand.

    The Coptic word for water, ϺΟΟΥ is rather curious. It is merely one letter (a single 'Ο') removed from the word for 'death' and, as any Coptic noun can function adjectivally, there is thus little outward distinction between sins mortal and aquatic, at least for the Egyptian.

    Its plural is one of the most curious-looking words I have ever seen, being pronounced roughly 'mūyowe,' but spelt, due to the vagaries of Coptic orthography, as ϺΟΥЄΙΟΟΥЄ, a mu followed by eight usually vocalic letters.

    That is all I have to say at the moment. Your pardon for my long-windedness.

  2. Hi Emily Marie,

    as usual, your works are very creative and beautiful. As for this last comment, I have a long string of question marks running through my head after reading it. I think you lost me somewhere at "The Coptic word for water" and "vocalic letters." Oh well, I won't try to understand.

    Beautiful calligraphy!!!!

  3. This is a marrrrrrvelous idea. Count me in, literally. And I am very very tempted to comment more than once. But I am not. I know, I'm so well behaved today. :D

  4. And the winner is... Naomi! I already know your address, so your prize will be in the mail soon.


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