25 February 2011

contest #2

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Deadline:  Sunday 27 February 2011, 23.00 UTC (Sun. 5 p.m. U.S. central)
Prize:  postcard to green gables

postcard to green gables

Perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one's life with pomp and blare like a gay knight riding down; perhaps it crept to one's side like an old friend through quiet ways... perhaps love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship....  (L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea.)

22 February 2011

in case anyone wondered...

I am still alive but buried under mountains of knowledge.  Lately my pursuit of calligraphy has been limited to homework for my Chinese calligraphy class, none of which is remotely good enough to post.  Still, I hope to hold another contest soon.

In case you are having trouble deciding what kind of flowers should adorn your next calligraphy project, I found a webpage (here) that lists the meaning of flowers according to an 1847 book, in alphabetical order by meaning.  So if you are doing Keats's famous line, Beauty is truth, truth beauty, try a border of roses and nightshade....

16 February 2011

vera caritas

O aeterna veritas et vera caritas et cara aeternitas, Tu es Deus meus; Tibi suspiro die ac nocte.  ('O eternal truth and true love and beloved eternity, You are my God; for You I sigh day and night.'  Augustine.)

14 February 2011


I made these Valentine's day cards with a small red inkpad and homemade stencils (using a heart-shaped hole-punch).  They are quick and easy to make but look rather classy.  However, they're also messy.  (Scratch paper covering the desk, frequent fingertip-washing, and paperclips help somewhat.)

For the following card, I sprinkled the rest of the stencils on a glue-covered piece of cardstock and smudged them (first picture), and then wrapped the card in somewhat sparkly plastic (second picture).  By the way, it is very difficult to write with a metallic pen on glue, even when the glue is dry.

07 February 2011

sun/stars/day original

Another discovery while sorting through old files:  The original sketch on which sun/stars/day is based.  I like the design better than the new one (except that the used notebook paper is not the most attractive surface), but I've run out of that beautiful burgundy ink, which was an accidental mix of black and red. By the tailless e, it was completed before age fifteen.

05 February 2011


καλῶς γράφω has now reached a thousand pageviews.  A bit of fame and glory goes to Malaysia, whence comes the thousandth view.

02 February 2011

a stóirín (autumn 2009)

When I'm miles and miles apart from you, / I'm beside you when I think of you, / a stóirín, / and I'm with you when I dream of you, / a stóirín, / and a song will bring me near to you, / a stóirín a grá.  ('Lift the Wings,' Riverdance.)

01 February 2011

invitation (autumn 2009)

Yes, I realise that the ninth was a Wednesday; the person commissioning the invitations told me Saturday the ninth, and I didn't think to check it.  I changed it later (with a bit of a blank mailing label).