31 March 2011

101 pens again

Last November I announced that I had acquired a hundred and one inkless pens to be used in some unforeseen craft project.  I have now decided that I have neither the time to do anything with them nor the space to continue storing them.  Throwing things away feels so wonderful.

28 March 2011

contest #3

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Deadline:  Wednesday 30 March 2011, 19.30 UTC  (Wed. 2.30 p.m. U.S. CDT)
Prize:  once & now too

once & now too

Come!  I have already forgiven you once.... And now, too, your many sins are forgiven....  (Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime & Punishment.)

21 March 2011

turn & live

Ezekiel 18.31f.  (This one is posted on my file basket.)

19 March 2011

waste my life

I will waste my life.  (Misty Edwards, from a song on the album Relentless.  This one is posted above my calendar.)

14 March 2011

college 101

Think like a Christian.  /  Live like a Christian.  /  Act like a Christian.  /  Choose your friends carefully.  /  Read your Bible daily.  /  Keep your commitments.  /  Bless your parents.  /  Receive an education.  /  Remember your brothers and sisters.  /  Worship the Lord every Lord's Day.  (Nancy Wilson, from her excellent article here.  This one is posted by my door.)

11 March 2011


I Timothy 6.6.  (This one is posted near my teapot, because contentment and tea go together quite nicely.  The lettering isn't perfect, but the pink pen broke shortly thereafter so I had to be content with what I'd already done.)

09 March 2011

hold your horses

Their feelings are like horses -- beautiful, spirited horses.  But they are the riders.  A good rider knows what to do when the horse starts to bolt -- you pull on the [reins]!  Turn the horse's head!  Get back on the path!  The horses are not the problem.  There is nothing wrong with the emotions.  /  The goal is not to cripple the horse, but equip the rider.  (Lizzie Jankovic née Wilson, from her excellent article here.  This one is posted on my mirror.)

things in my room

Since I haven't had time for any new calligraphy lately, I am posting pictures of old projects from my room, most of them done last autumn.

hold your horses
college 101
waste my life
turn & live

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