23 May 2011

finals are finally finished

Now that the year is over, I may actually have time for more calligraphy, and more contests, once I unpack my pens and paper.  Until then, this little bit of art must suffice:

I like the way ink blends on skin.

sometimes I am conscripted to label things.

The owner of these objects -- they are somewhat pillow-like and, from what he said, I gather that they are meant to be kicked or hit in some fashion -- has lived in my dorm for the past two years and evidently seen enough of my handwriting to decide that it was better than that of anyone in his martial arts club.  He provided his own pen (a metallic sharpie; now I want one), so it wasn't hard to take a two-minute study break and label them for him.

17 May 2011

great is Thy faithfulness

For E., on her 21st birthday (Lamentations 3.23). Calligraphy homework makes nice wrapping paper: