21 July 2011

Thy defence is sure

Under the shadow of Thy throne / Thy saints have dwelt secure; / Sufficient is Thine arm alone, / And Thy defence is sure.  (Isaac Watts, 'Our God, Our Help in Ages Past,' Psalm 90.)

05 July 2011

I reappear

Yes, I realise that I have not posted in more than a month.  The reason?  I have been painting.  No, not painting as in Michelangelo or Monet: painting my college's dorm rooms and stairwells white for almost nine hours a day.  Not only am I coming to sympathise with Michelangelo's poetic complaints concerning painting ceilings (and he didn't have paint-rollers!), but I am also gaining muscle and money, both useful things.  Unfortunately, however, I have not had much time for calligraphy; and of what little I have done (some last-minute signs for a graduation party), I never managed to take photographs.  However, I did re-arrange all my calligraphy supplies to fit into a hanging-file box.

This week, I am on holiday with my family near the lovely Lake Itasca; but I do have my camera, so any calligraphy that may occur should appear here at some point.  I hope.