25 August 2011


Last weekend, a friend's mother conscripted me (I mean, asked politely, and I agreed happily) to decorate a cake for a couple in her church.  She provided food-colouring paste (a good deal of the green and blue of which ended up all over my hands and teeth), frosting bags, and fancy little metal tips.  What looks almost black in the photos is a dark purple.

15 August 2011

welcome home

I am quite pleased with my Viking ship; the dragon-head comes from this webpage.

11 August 2011


I have finally made a card for the summer paint crew to send to a student who had to quit early because of health problems.  The paper is an old paintbrush cover, turned inside-out.

The card, on an old and well-loved paintbrush named Emo (it's rather a long story):

pencil psalm 61

02 August 2011

pencil psalm 23

pencil psalms

Recently I went through my journals from 2010, all handwritten with pencil, and took out about twenty psalms in calligraphy (before destroying the rest).  As far as I remember, they were all done rather quickly without advance planning.  The notebooks are Moleskine Volant; although ink tends to bleed and show through the paper, it is excellent for writing in pencil.

Psalm 23
Psalm 24
Psalm 33
Psalm 46
Psalm 47
Psalm 48
Psalm 51
Psalm 57
Psalm 61
Psalm 63
Psalm 65
Psalm 76
Psalm 77
Psalm 84
Psalm 87
Psalm 90
Psalm 93
Psalm 100
Psalm 121
Psalm 126