30 September 2011

new pens!

Having become rather bored of posting so many pencil psalms one at a time, I posted the rest of them (seven) all at once, in different posts, of course, because I like to keep things ridiculously neat.

In other news, I have two new black pens.  The picture above shows all my working black pens (minus duplicates, sharpies, and dry-erase markers).  The first is a Sheaffer 0.8 mm (fine) fountain pen with a black cartridge; it has windows in the side so that one can see how much ink is left.  Next is an Uchida calligraphy marker, though most of the label has worn off, with a 2.0 mm and a 3.5 mm tip; and then a Torpille ballpoint (made in Korea), marked both 'medium' and 'finer,' whatever that means.  Fourth is my beloved Uniball Signo 207 ballpoint, a smooth gel that dries quickly without bleeding.  The last two pens are new: a Uniball Signo 207 Micro, the same as the aforementioned pen, except finer; and a gift from a friend, a Pilot Precise V5 ballpoint, extra fine.  The Pilot is liquid and very responsive to pressure, so it does bleed sometimes, but only enough to look (and feel) like a very fine Chinese ink brush.

Alas, it is time, I fear, to bid farewell to these felt-tips: two ZIG Millennium, a Pigma Micron 0.5, and three Pigma Callipen 1.8 mm chisel-tips.  They have served me well.

I have raved about my pens long enough, now, though.  Perhaps if I get time I will post a project this weekend, or even a contest.

pencil psalm 126

pencil psalm 121

pencil psalm 100

pencil psalm 93


pencil psalm 90

(Isaac Watts, 'Our God, Our Help in Ages Past,' Psalm 90.)

pencil psalm 87

pencil psalm 84

23 September 2011

in honour

Upon receiving a copy of the new Wheelock's Latin from the Classics Department (because I am teaching the first year Latin lab), I decided to donate my old and much loved copy to the department.  I thought that I might as well make it look official:

Dr. Mary and Dr. McM taught my junior high and high school Latin, and I blame them for my excessive love of Latin.  Or rather, to quote a recent film, 'We're not blaming you: we're thanking you.'

16 September 2011

pretty little boxes

My mother tells me that, when I was a small child, I acted like a small craft-factory and she used to wonder where she would keep all my creations.  Most of the time, now, I try to concentrate on homework and other such useful endeavours, but then something snaps and I suddenly start Making Things.  And thus it happened this morning that, while sitting in a lecture class and quietly playing with a sticky note, I started making little boxes.  Here follow the instructions thereuntoappertaining.

12 September 2011

pencil psalm 77

v. 16ff.

04 September 2011

because there's no hope on earth for this shoe

My summer of painting dorm rooms ended last Wednesday, along with the career of my painting shoes, which, having begun the summer with a few small cracks, ended it with soles split in half and futilely bandaged in duct tape and masking tape.  The more impressive right shoe also features brown deck stain, white primer, and a bit of an off-white paint called Larson Tan, with the final line of the creed in dry-erase pen:  I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.  I have offered to sell this shoe as an impressive work of art and interesting conversation-piece at $65.00 or best offer, but for readers of my blog, I will part with it at only $40.00.  Or best offer.  I'll take a quarter... or a dime... or a safety pin...

03 September 2011


Two friends had birthdays on the same day last week, so I made these cards half an hour before their birthday party.  Evidently I can't draw realistic balloons, but I did have fun with all the balloon-strings in the first card.

Speaking of birthdays, my twenty-first birthday was on Thursday.  I was going to celebrate with hot chocolate, but in the chaos of having just moved to a new dorm room, I forgot to make some, and so I just drank water.  Surprising though it may sound, I was perfectly happy.  I know.  I'm not normal.