04 September 2011

because there's no hope on earth for this shoe

My summer of painting dorm rooms ended last Wednesday, along with the career of my painting shoes, which, having begun the summer with a few small cracks, ended it with soles split in half and futilely bandaged in duct tape and masking tape.  The more impressive right shoe also features brown deck stain, white primer, and a bit of an off-white paint called Larson Tan, with the final line of the creed in dry-erase pen:  I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.  I have offered to sell this shoe as an impressive work of art and interesting conversation-piece at $65.00 or best offer, but for readers of my blog, I will part with it at only $40.00.  Or best offer.  I'll take a quarter... or a dime... or a safety pin...

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