16 September 2011

pretty little boxes

My mother tells me that, when I was a small child, I acted like a small craft-factory and she used to wonder where she would keep all my creations.  Most of the time, now, I try to concentrate on homework and other such useful endeavours, but then something snaps and I suddenly start Making Things.  And thus it happened this morning that, while sitting in a lecture class and quietly playing with a sticky note, I started making little boxes.  Here follow the instructions thereuntoappertaining.

Start with a smallish square of paper; a normal square sticky note works well.

1.  Fold in half diagonally; unfold.  Turn 90° and repeat.

2.  Fold in half horizontally; unfold.  Turn 90° and repeat.

3.  Fold straight edges into the centre; unfold.  Turn 90° and repeat.

4.  Fold straight edges into the creases made in step 3; unfold.  Turn 90° and repeat.

5.  (Optional; this does make decorating a bit easier.)  Fold corners into the centre; unfold.

The creased square should now look something like this.

6.  Decorate!  On the left is the non-sticky side of the paper, elaborately colour-coded.  The black areas will end up inside folds, so anything on them will be invisible.  The arrows will point up (when the box is sitting flat on the base).  The yellow square is the outer base of the box (where it will sit); pink and green are the inner sides, and blue and purple the outer sides; and brown on the other side (to the right above) is the inner base.

The inner sides, decorated in black:

Both inner and outer sides, in black:

Inner base, in black:

Sides, coloured:

Inner base, coloured:

As a tangent, the colour scheme I am using is as follows:
a.  Colour the flowers yellow and the leaves lime green.
b.  Colour the inner half of each petal orange and the base of each leaf dark green.
c.  Add a dot of red to the base of each petal and colour the 'fruit' coral.

Now, returning to box-making:

7.  Lift the sides and pinch the extra paper outward at the corners.

8.  Fold two corners against one side so that all of the design is visible.

9.  Fold the edge down to the inside of the box.  Repeat steps 8 and 9 on the other side of the box.  Push, pull, and pinch where necessary to make the folds lie flat.

10.  Repeat steps 1-10 as desired.

For a lid, make a slightly larger box by folding the straight edges to a millimetre or two from the centre in step 3.  Decorate the outside of the lid and the inside of the box.

The boxes can be used to store very small objects, such as coins, office supplies (e.g. paper clips), craft supplies (e.g. beads), or jewellery; or as gift boxes; or as envelopes for folded messages.

Possibly interesting fact:  What with the photo-shoot, the writing, and the adjustment of said photos in various ways, this post took just over two hours.

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  1. very, very cool!
    and GREAT direction, thank you!
    Again - you make beautiful things...


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