22 October 2011

briefly surfacing from a sea of studying

This was my list of agenda the week before last.  I was writing a paper.  My list is longer this weekend, and my desk messier, and there is another paper, and a midterm, and a presentation, and...

If I had time, and could find anything on my desk, I would write about the blog header that I am designing in spare minutes -- that was last week, I guess -- and the knots that I draw during classes.  Perhaps next week.

Did I mention that my desk is a mess?

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  1. My name is CB and I read the NDW blog. You might be able to find my comments a while back. WOW! I can't believe your drawings. These ARE your drawings right? They don't look like drawings. On this one, the detail... Wow! I sometimes try to draw a picture like that, but then I get bored because it takes too long and, yeah... Well, if you want random art and weirdness, try www.theartdrawer.blogspot.com! Help support your fellow blogs!! Haha! Thank you so much for the beautiful artwork. I hope to see you on the Art Drawer soon! (By the way, I am CB on the Art Drawer.



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