26 July 2012

black & tan

For those of my readers (do I have readers anymore?) who are looking for something more interesting, the book Black and Tan by Douglas Wilson is currently available to download for free, here.  In this book, Wilson argues that the American Civil War was the wrong way to end slavery in the United States and led to modern disregard for the Constitution.  This book makes it quite clear that Wilson, contrary to popular opinion, is by no means a racist, and that all the people screaming about racism are, in their zeal to pick fights, either too sidetracked to see or too fainthearted to face the real isms that drive his thought (hint: two of them start with 'Calvin' and 'postmillenial').  Although I would differ with Wilson on some (or many) theological points, I've always enjoyed his writing style.  So if you want a bit of interesting and controversial writing to make you think, download this book while it's still free.

[Update 6/8/12:  I see that the free download is no longer available.]

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