10 July 2012

everyone likes change, especially quarters and dimes...

Life is changing.  After three years at this college, I will leave campus for what is colloquially called 'the real world' in seven weeks.  After two years in Singapore and twenty in the midwestern United States, I will leave this country for Europe in two and a half months.  And after twenty-two years as a Sandquist, I will leave my family for the most intelligent, handsome, and altogether delightful young man in the history of the world (biased, you say?  I don't know what you mean) in one month, twenty-eight days, twenty-two hours, and fourteen minutes.

With so much change in my life, it seems a good time for this blog to have its own changes.  Don't worry:  It will not disappear.  It will not even move from this URL.  I am getting rather tired, however, of this blog's narrow subject and would like to post about other things.  So readers can expect to see posts on many arts, not only calligraphy and paper art, but also domestic arts (sewing, crocheting, cooking, baking), organisation, literature, perhaps music, and others.  To fit these changes, the blog will also have a new design (some links may be broken as I re-organise) and a new name.

Any thoughts?  New name suggestions are welcome.

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