25 August 2012

four sewing tips

I am presently sewing my wedding dress and have come up with a few tips to share.

1.  Lay out slippery fabric on a mattress.  Spread out one layer of fabric at a time, putting pins through each one straight into the mattress to keep it from wrinkling; then spread the pattern on top in the same way.  Trace around the pattern with a pen or wheel and cut the fabric later, or just cut (carefully) along the pattern.

2.  Keep track of pieces cut with check-boxes on each pattern piece.  When you've cut one piece, check off one box.  Then keep track of the pieces with a note pinned onto each one.

3.  Mark seam allowances with masking tape on the sewing machine plate.  If you have, say, a quarter-inch foot but need a five-eighths inch seam, measure five-eighths inch from the needle on the plate and mark it with a piece of masking tape.

4.  Baste your hems.  Instead of measuring, say, a quarter inch and ironing it over twice, baste a line half an inch from the raw edge.  Press it down and tuck the raw edge into the fold.  Or baste a line a quarter inch from the raw edge, press it down, and fold and press it again.  Generally, baste halfway up the seam (here, a quarter inch) when the raw edge is wider than the rest of the fabric, such as at the bottom of a skirt; otherwise, baste all the way up the seam (here, half an inch).

Please share your sewing tips!


  1. Can't wait to see it TOMORROW!

  2. I can't wait to see it TOMORROW!


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