15 August 2012

yes, I would ask the same question

On top of the building, a large, flaking plywood sign spelled out PATS' in handpainted letters....
     'Do you think it's owned by someone named Pats?  Or is there more than one Pat?'
     Horace had stopped at the door.  Pulling it open, he stepped to the side and smiled.  'Mr. Cyrus, I wouldn't have thought that you would be one to notice -- or care about -- an apostrophe.'
     Cyrus glared at him.
     'Right.  Well, there are two Pats,' Horace said.  'And this place belongs to both of them.'

(N. D. Wilson, Ashtown Burials:  The Dragon's Tooth.)

In case I don't get a chance to write a longer review, let me just say that The Dragon's Tooth is a lot of fun.  Cyrus and Antigone, ages twelve and thirteen, are two ideosyncratically ordinary children (the kind of ordinary children who go to the state fair and usually get motion-sick), living with their elder brother in an old motel in Wisconsin, with a barely-holding-together car and a diet consisting mainly of waffles, when a guest nicknamed Billy Bones shows up.  They are thrown into a wild adventure involving a secret society and an evil scientist trying to take over the world.  And echoes of Treasure Island.  And somewhat immortal persons.  And fantastic mutant animals and ancient relics.  It's a lot of fun.  You should read it, so you'll be ready when the sequel, The Drowned Vault, is released in about four weeks.

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