20 November 2012

every word, the dark ages version

I've had an Amazon Kindle for a bit over a year now.  (Perhaps sometime when I'm less busy I'll explain why I like it as much as I do.)  My grandmother, who has had one even longer, introduced me to a free game called Every Word, in which the goal is to spell as many words as possible, using the letters of some other, longer word.  If you have a Kindle, I recommend it.  Just remember that sera is really a word (the plural of serum).

If you don't have a Kindle, though, or want to play a simple word game in situations when obviously doing something on a Kindle would be inappropriate, here is the dark ages version.  All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil or pen (or use the margins of your class notes, but pretend that I didn't say that).

Choose a somewhat long word or name, say, appendix.  Make a list of all the three-letter words (not names or abbreviations) that you can from the letters of that word, a second list of four-letter words, a third of five-letter words, and so forth..  For instance, from appendix, you can obviously get pen, end, and pend, but you can also re-arrange the letters to make pie, axed, pined, and napped.  When you run out of words, start over with a new word.

I have had a lot of fun with this recently, especially from Constantine and persuasion (35 three-, 62 four-, 47 five-, 15 six-, 2 seven-, and 1 eight-letter word before I got bored).

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  1. You mentioned classes briefly. How are those? Are you done after this semester? I think I just need an update on your life, in general. We should skype over the Christmas holidays. :)


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