23 March 2013

hello & goodbye

Hello, there! Have you been wondering where I am and why I haven't posted here in months? I'll be kind enough to tell you: I haven't blogged because I realised that I don't want to.

Once upon a time (well, actually, not very long ago) I thought that I wanted to have a nice blog with all sorts of interesting posts and get lots of traffic and comments and maybe even become a professional blogger. Then I realised that I wanted to have a nice blog -- but I didn't want to keep one. Every time I looked at my blog, I thought about all my plans and ideas for it, and then I closed the window because I wanted to work on my novel or read a book or bake cookies instead.

The problem that I have with social media, including blogs, is that they tempt me to forget why I'm making things. I love showing things I've made to others; but too easily showing things I've made slips into making things for show. That may not be a bad thing, but it's not what I want. Recently I saw an advertisement for glasses with a built-in camera so that one can always photograph whatever one sees. It seems to me that camera-glasses, rather than preserving memories, would prevent them from being made in the first place. One could never get away from the thought that, well, the camera is looking at things for me, the camera will remember them for me, and I can look at them later. But when one went back to the pictures, they would just be lifeless pictures. There is nothing wrong with a picture; there is, I think, everything wrong with taking a picture instead of living life. I stopped caring about my blog because I like real life more.

I don't mean that I'm going to throw away my computer; I still spend far more time on my computer than I want to admit. And if you email me, I'll try to answer. I'll even type up my latest experimental recipe for you, if you ask. But I don't want to blog. I'll leave my archives up, in case anyone wants to look at them, and perhaps, in a year or two or ten, I'll change my mind and come back, but I doubt it: I've never really missed my deleted Facebook account.

So, this is the end. Few blogs end this way; for most, the posts come fewer and farther between, until they quietly stop; but I want to make a definite end. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope that, while it's lasted, you have enjoyed it as least as much as I have.