calligraphy corner


Most of my nicest work is done with Sheaffer fountain pens and ink cartridges.  [posts]

ZIG Calligraphy coloured chisel felt-tip pens [posts]
(I have also used ZIG Millenium, Pigma Micron 0.5, and Pigma Callipen.)

Uniball Signo 0.7 mm coloured ball-point pens [posts],
207 black ball-point pens (not pictured)
Sharpie fine-point permanent markers [posts]
BIC Brite Liner fluorescent highlighters [posts],
BIC #2 0.9 mm mechanical pencils
various metallic gel pens and markers,
including Writer Metallic Collection [posts]


Most of my work is done on cardstock, especially 4x6 and 3x5 index cards, or paper, but sometimes I write on unusual surfaces.  I use tissue paper, foil paper (mostly taken from chocolate), and other scrap paper as decoration.

extras  [posts]

Any unlabelled lettering is in rose italics, my normal handwriting.

Normal block lettering.  [posts]

dark ages
A blackletter script.  [posts] 

Greek script.  [posts]

A quasi-Celtic majuscule script.  [posts]

A very vertical cursive.  [posts]